6 Best Cinemabox hd Alternatives (Updated)

Here is our listing of finest cinemabox options . Cinemabox HD is in the market since long. Hence, we are giving more apps like Cinemabox so that you can get to know the latest apk that are much better than the Cinemabox hd app.

cinemabox and Terrarium TV were much alike. Hence, their alternatives are also not very different. I’ve picked the best from the lot. I am confident there are one (or more) of them as a suitable cinemabox alternative. Have a look!


Cinemabox Alternatives

The apps listed as alternatives to cinemabox hereon have all been tested and are among the most popular presently. They are equally as fantastic as cinemabox hd or better. cinemabox was not remote-friendly and worked best with Mouse Toggle program in your FireStick. That was a small hassle. Thankfully, none of these cinemabox hd replacements ask that you set up an extra app. Install them and all of them are set to be used.

MovieBox PRO

MovieBox PRO apk is new video streaming application, populating among smartphone users all over the world today. It is the best app to watch and download films and TV shows on mobile. It updates daily with the latest films and TV episodes and provides high-speed playback and download without waiting.

Official Website

Freeflix apk

Freeflix apk is broadly regarded as a replica of Terrarium TV and understandably so both share some strikingly common traits. In reality, both are almost completely identical. Install freeflix apk on FireStick and you’ll know what I am talking about .

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CatMouse APK

New on-demand streaming programs get released virtually daily. There’s just a handful of these that benefit any visibility. CatMouse APK is relatively new when compared with the other apps on this listing. But, it has made its presence felt very stern.

The collection also has regular updates as soon as there’s a new film or a recently aired episode. To put it differently, the program makes sure there is no lack of entertainment.


This is just another unbelievable on-demand app you’d like to have to flow your favourite movies and episodes. UnlockMyTV has a comprehensive media library, which also receives regular updates. The app offers countless hours of nonstop entertainment for your viewing pleasures.


After Terrarium TV got shut down, TeaTV unexpectedly rose to prominence, though it had been in existence for quite a while. Now that cinemabox is gone also, I really don’t find any reason why you couldn’t give TeaTV a go. We have this program recorded as one of the very best alternatives to Terrarium TV. Use it and you’ll know why it merits a distance here on this listing of top cinemabox alternatives also.

CyberFlix TV

This is another app you would wish to test if you are searching for suitable alternatives to cinemabox hd. It is more like Titanium TV and is also regarded as a Terrarium TV clone. The interface, layout, and organization of CyberFlix TV is substantially the same.


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